Wilson Electronics 801247 SignalBoost DT - coverage up to 1,500 sq. ft


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Wilson Electronics SignalBoost DT Dual Band Amplifier kit, 55/60dB Adjustable gain, includes outside antenna, 50Ft RG6 Cable, Power Supply, Mounting Hardward.

For users needing improved cellular performance in a small office or home office environment, Wilson Electronics Signalboost DT amplifier is a great solution.  Offering dual-band (800/1900 MHz) compatiblity, the wireless DT booster supports multiple cell phones and data cards simultaneously.  It can be paired with a wide variety of Wilson indoor and Outdoor antennas for a truely customized system.  Depending on outside signal strength, the DT can improve cellular strength in a single room or office.


Wilson Electronics 801247 DT In-Building Dual Band Booster Kit. Includes Outside Panel Antenna, Inside Desktop Antenna, RG6 30′ White Cables (qty 2), 5V 4A AC/DC Power Supply. Cover Up to 1,500 Square Feet