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Customized Kits.

You can customize your very own Cel-Fi GO X kit by choosing the type of antenna and the amount of antennas you ultimately want. To customize your very own kit, you must use the drop down tabs on the right.


Information About the Cel-Fi GO X.

Multi-Band Cel-Fi GO X. 

The Smart Signal Booster Cel-Fi GO X features industry leading 100 dB system gain that utilizes Nextivity’s network to deliver the industry’s largest coverage footprint to efficiently boost voice and data wireless performance. 

Why Choose Cel-Fi Go X?

 • Boost the signal for one carrier at a time for better performance and efficiency.

 • Amplify signals up to 100dB whereas other boosters are capped below 100dB.

 • NEMA 4 rated weather resistant.

 • Great coverage.

 • Optimized and managed with the application Cel-Fi Wave.

 • Compatible with all major Canadian Carriers (Telus, Bell, Rogers).


 Your Outside Signal Strength Estimated Boosted Indoor Signal
5 Bars Up to 15,000 ft2
4-3 Bars Up to 13,000-10,000 ft2
2 Bars Up to 7,500 ft2
1 Bar Up to 5,000 ft2
No Bars, No Signal Will not boost


Ideal Locations.

 • Government buildings 

 • Agricultural settings 

 • Parking garages 

 • Small manufacturing operations 

 • Business in single/multi-level commercial properties 

 • IoT and M-to-M applications 

 • Remote or rural locations 

 • Large homes 

Dome vs Panel. 

Ceiling Dome Antenna:

The dome antenna is to be installed in ceilings where you have crawl space to run the cables.  It provides a 360 degree horizontal coverage pattern. (See pictures below for a better representation).

Wall Panel Antenna: 

Panel Antennas are to be installed on the wall. This type of antenna has a narrower "spray" (beamwidth) which means it directs signal in one direction instead of a circle like the done antenna. (See pictures below for a better representation).


Need help deciding?

Contact us! We will help you decide on the right kit or even provide customized kits for maximum efficiency and performance with the Cel-Fi Go X Boosters!


Cel-Fi WAVE Phone Application (IOS and Android)

The Cel-Fi Wave is a cloud-based platform used to communicate with any Cel-Fi products. Being compatible with any smart phone devices, Cel-Fi Wave provides the following features:

 • Dashboard: Glance-able view to the state of your Cel-Fi environment, including the Boost Strength indicator.

 • Settings: Change the default Network Operator, select the booster technology (3G, 4G), setup an external antenna, configure the antenna position, and more.

 • Advanced Mode: Get real-time data and performance metrics for troubleshooting devices.

 • Booster Updates: Keep your Cel-Fi Booster up-to-date as new software versions  become available.

 • Register (When required): Easily activate and register your Cel-Fi Booster.



Kit Packages: 

1 Antenna:

 • 1x Wall Panel or Ceiling Dome Antenna

 • 1x Cel-Fi GO X Booster

 • 1x Cel-Fi GO X AC Power Supply

 • 1x Yagi Antenna

 • 1x Pipe Mount Bracket

 • 1x Lightening Sure Protector with 5ft Ground Wire

 • 1x 50ft FlexPro400 Coax Cable 

 • 2x 2ft Booster Jumper Cable

 • 1x 30ft FlexPro400 Coax Cable

2 Antennas:

 • All of (1 Antenna) Kit

 • 1x Wall Panel or Ceiling Dome Antenna

 • 1x 30ft FlexPro400 Coax Cable

 • 1x 2ft FlexPro400 2-Way Splitter Coax Cable

 • 1x 2-Way Splitter

4 Antennas:

 • All of (2 Antenna Kit)

 • 2x Wall Panel or Ceiling Dome Antenna

 • 2x 30ft FlexPro400 Coax Cable

 • 1x 4-Way Splitter

Ex: Receive a total of 4 Antennas, (2x from the "4 Antennas Kit", 1x from "2 Antennas kit", 1x from "1 Antenna kit")


Cel-FI GO Installation Video made by Nextivity


Downloadable Quick Start Guides:

 Product: SKU & Quick Guide Download
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Cel-Fi GO X 2 Panel
Cel-Fi GO X 3 Panel
Cel-Fi GO X 4 Panel
Cel-Fi GO X Dome & Panel
Cel-Fi GO X 2Dome & 2Panel
Data Sheet Download General Manual Download


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