OPEK 4.5 dBi 1/2 Wave 140 MHz Bandwidth UHF Antenna


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OPEK VHF Antenna

Base Loaded - Wideband Pre-Tuned No Cutting VHF Antennas



• Wideband no tuning frequencies for seamless operation and ease of installation

• 4.5 dBi 1/2 Wave 140 MHz Bandwidth (380-520 MHz) UHF Antenna

• Rugged stainless steel whip, heavy-duty spring for maximum durability and shock absorption

• Thick-wall housing, double seals with O ring and gasket for maximum      weatherproofing and environment protection

• Compatible with all 1-1/8" - 18 thread mounts including 3/4" mounts

• OP-415S will operate with or without a ground plane (GP & NGP)

• Overall Length 11 Inches

• Antenna Completely Assembled